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Statik voltaj regülatörü

"Fastest Voltage Regulation "

IMPACT SERIAL STATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR is a high technologic solution for operation of your sensitive devices without any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted . Produced of high quality semi-conductor materials, at the capacity to operate with high efficiency under terms of high and fast change of voltage and at full load.
IMPACT SERIAL STATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR, controls via microprocessor cards and regulates via thyristors. There is not any moving part in IMPACT. Thus, it has extremely high speed response (500 VAC/sec.) than Servo regulators. Easy usage with its compact design, maintanence free and long life facilities.

• 2 - 2000 kVA power interval as 1 phase / 3 phase
• Safe use for all the sensitive electrical devices
• Control and protection unit with microprocessor based boards
• Regulation between 160 V AC - 250 V AC (90 VAC-280 VAC optional)
• 500 V / sec voltage regulation rate
• Static and modular structure with Thyristor and SMPS technology
• High efficiency, silent operation
• LCD front panel
• Maintanence free design which can not be effected from dust, hummudity or vibration.
• In case of defect, ON/OFF and by-pass switch to operate from network
• CONTACTOR unit for LOW - HIGH voltage at output and for the first opening delay
• Produced with high quality equipments to obtain minimum failure risk
• Ergonomic handles
• Surge Arrester against to high current and lightining (optional)
• Isolation transformer (optional)
• Harmonic filter (optional)
• RFI filter (optional)
• Production with ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System
• 2 years warranty
• 10 years spare part warranty
• Technical service support

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
TV / Radio transmitter stations,
GSM base stations,
Image and sound production studios,
Medical Devices
Neon and laser illuminations,
press and textile machines, photograph press machines,
submerging pumps, ships, electric motors,
and all electrical devices sensitive to voltage changes against network problems,