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REG series SERVO AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR is an economical solution for operation of your electrical devices without any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted .
We supply solutions from 10,5 kVA to 1000 kVA as 3 phase for safety of your devices Produced of high quality materials, at the capacity to operate under heavy duty conditions and at full load, high efficiency
ESV has very wide using area range and is being used for years with reliablity and without any problem


• Smart control and maintenance unit with Microprocessor based boards
• Safe operation for any kind of electrical devices
• 2 - 2000 kVA power interval as 1 phase/3 phase
• Regulation between 165 V AC - 250 V AC (90 VAC-280 VAC optional)
• Special design, high efficiency according to user needs
• Production of simple structure of high-quality material, minimum fault risk
• CONTACTOR unit intended for protection and delay at output ( optional )
• Protection with MCB for over current and short circuit
• ON/OFF and By-pass switch to operate from network
• Output values shown on voltmeter
• Indicator for input and output
• RAL 7032 Electrastatic coloured
• Economic and reliable solution
• Surge Arrester against to high current and lightining (optional)
• Production with ISO-9001 Quality Management System
• 2 years warranty
• 10 years spare part warranty
• Technical service support


Uninterruptible Power Supplies, TV / Radio transmitter stations,
GSM base stations, Image and sound production studios,
Air-conditioners, Medical Devices, Hospitals, Factory - Plants
Neon and laser illuminations, press and textile machines, photograph press machines, submerging pumps, ships, electric motors, and all electrical devices sensitive to voltage changes against network problems