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High Frequency Online UPS

The rated voltage of this high frequency online UPS is 380/400/415VAC (four wire three phase + ground wire).
Input voltage range is 380VAC±25%.
This uninterruptible power supply can work normally in the case of not more than 110% load. Even in the condition that the load is not more than 125%, the device can sustain for 10 minutes.
For more details about the parameters of our UNIQUE 10-200KVA high frequency online UPS, please refer to the following parameter sheet.

This series of high frequency online UPS can supply power for middle or small sized data centers, servers in enterprises, power control centers, traffic control centers, precise production and test equipment, etc

1. UNIQUE33 10-200KVA high frequency online UPS is designed with large screen LCD display panel for easy operation. The UPS status, operation guide, input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, charge and discharge current value, failure, warning, and other information can be displayed in Turkish or English.
2. It uses advanced IGBT rectifying technique.
3. The input current harmonic is less than 3%.
4. The input power factor is up to 0.99.
5. The efficiency of this high frequency online UPS is 94% in the event of double conversion mode and 98% in the case of ECO mode.
6. Eight sets of high frequency online UPS can be connected in parallel, without adding external attachments. These parallel connected uninterruptible power sources but can not share the battery pack in redundancy working condition.