10 kva  : for 40 PC
15 kva  : for 60 PC
20 kva  : for 80 PC
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High Frequency Online UPS

UNIQUE31, 10-20KVA high frequency online UPS is available in rated capacity of 10KVA/7000W, 15KVA/10500W, and 20KVA/14000W.
The rated voltage is 380VAC (Four wire three phase+ground wire).
The input voltage range is 304~478VAC (±3VAC).
The output voltage accuracy is 208/220/230/240X (1±2%)VAC.
The crest factor is 3:1.

This high frequency online UPS is applicable to computer field, bank system, communication system, postal service, power industry, medical treatment field, national defense field, chemical industry, and many other fields.
It can provide reliable AC power for your precision equipment.
Furthermore, this uninterruptible power source has found use in protecting computers, communication systems, and automatic controlling devices, etc.

1. This high frequency online UPS is designed with blue liquid crystal Chinese display interface for easy operation.
2. The online sine wave uninterruptible power supply system is fitted with maintenance switch.
3. Different from standby UPS, online uninterruptible power supply is able to regulate the input voltage and offer standby power to electronic equipment without time interrupt.
4. In the event of overload or inverting failure, UPS will transfer to bypass mode and let utility power supply power. When overload status is eliminated, uninterruptible power source will automatically revert to battery mode.