1 kva  : for 5 PC
 2 kva  : for 10 PC
 3 kva  : for 15 PC
 6 kva  : for 25 PC
10 kva : for 40 PC
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High Frequency Online UPS

This series of high frequency online UPS is available in the following rated capacity, 1KVA/800 W, 2KVA/1600 W, and 3KVA/2400 W.
The input voltage range is 115~295VAC (±3VAC).
The input power factor is more than 0.98.
The output voltage accuracy is 220/230/240X (1±2%) VAC.
The output frequency accuracy is 50/60HZ±0.05Hz.

This high frequency online UPS is applicable to computer field, bank system, communications, postal service, power industry, medical treatment field, national defense field, chemical industry, and many other fields.

1. This high frequency online UPS is designed with blue large liquid crystal Chinese display interface for clear UPS status display and easy operation.
2. The pure online high frequency uninterruptible power supply is fitted with voltage regulation circuit, thereby ensuring the stable power protection in bad runtime environment.
3. Wide input voltage range
4. DC start in the case of power failure, while automatic start when the utility power recovers.

This uninterruptible power source is capable in automatically identifying and memorizing the input frequency.
Electrical isolation protection and bypass protection
Automatic alarm function and automatic detection function
Input zero fire wire detection function and data line protection function
Furthermore, our high frequency online UPS is provided with input power factor correction function, which helps to prevent harmonic wave from harming power grid and facilitate the connection of small generator.