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POWERGUARD-BL, 600-2000VA line interactive UPS can be fitted with RS232 interface.
Its waveform is modified sine wave.
Its rated power can be 360W, 480W, 600W, 840W and 1200W.
Its input voltage range is 165VAC-275VAC ±5VAC and output voltage range is 220/230/240VAC ±2%.
In battery mode, the output frequency accuracy is 50/60Hz±0.1Hz. In online mode, the output frequency is synchronous with the frequency of mains supply.

This line interactive UPS can provide power protection for personal computers, POS systems, workstations, etc.

1. This line interactive UPS uses microprocessor control system to ensure the high reliability.
2. It is designed with advanced on line interactive structure.
3. Intelligent voltage regulation technology
4. Intelligent battery charging technology
5. This line interactive uninterruptible power supply is designed with hot swappable battery and sophisticated software monitoring system. 

9. Modeller
400VA, 600 VA, 1000 VA, 2000 VA