Most frequently asked questions

Q. How many kinds of power problems are there?

A. Besides the blackout; there are “Sags”, “Spikes”, “Surges”, “Noise and Transients” that will damage or shorten the lifetime of the PC or other high technical equipment.

Q. What kind of equipment should I connect to the UPS? Are there any limitations?

A. Normally the UPS are used for PC, high technology equipment and medical appliances. Most of the UPS are designed for PC. Therefore, not every kind of equipment can be connected to UPS. Conductive loads such as cooling fans, refrigerators that have motors should not be connected to UPS as those will damage the UPS. Moreover, devices such as copy machines and laser printers that have huge starting current also could not be connected to UPS as the huge starting current will impact the capacity of UPS.

Q. What is the impact of different output waveforms?

A.  There are three major types of loads: Resistive load (Lamps); SPS load (PC power supply) and Conductive Load (Motors). All types of load can be used with Pure Sinewave. However, only Resistive and SPS loads can be used with Modified Sinewave.