2M Foreign Trade Limited Company was founded in 1993 with the scope to work in the field of power electronics. The decade of nineteen nineties marked several milestones in the technologies of computers, telecommunications equipment, computerized medical devices and many others. Since then our company has been supplying Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems of various capacities and configurations to many companies and institutions including chain stores; GSM operators; distributors of high technology medical equipment and hospitals thereof and municipalities just to mention a few.


The year of 1998 marked the launch of POWERGUARD® UPS systems, the trade mark of 2M Company. Since then 2M and 2M’s dealers have been successfully supplying POWERGUARD® UPS systems all over Turkey. Based on installed base, 2M Foreign Trade Limited Company is among the leading UPS systems suppliers in Turkey. We place great effort to keep our leading position by applying recent technologies on our equipment and also through satisfaction of all the parties that interact with us. Our pre sales project activities for determining capacity and configuration based on customer requirements, after sales support for installation and in service activities and maintanance on demand by our qualified personnel and long term maintenance agreements is the source of such satisfaction.